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Actress Atributes

The actor I have chosen for my music video is Ella, I believe she will be very suited to my music video and is a confident actor.
Ella is also part of a dance group. This makes her even more suited to my music video as I will feature her dancing in my music video.

Her dance allows her to be extremely confident and this is extremely beneficial in my music video as this is the image I need to portray.



Resource Audit

I have decided I want to create a music video. Within this music video I will use the following equipment such as a Go Pro, SLR Canon Camera, key and back light, tripods, shoulder rig and slider.

This equipment should help me to produce the successful music video I plan to. I will use the Go Pro for filming certain aspects as it is easily portable and can create many different effects that I plan to use within my music video.

I will use the SLR Camera similarly, in manual settings to record the majority of my music video. When using the SLR Camera I will use both the tripod when recording my artist dancing and singing and use the shoulder rig when moving to create a steady hand and camera. I may also chose to use the slider to allow a different way of filming shots for my music video.

The key and back light will be used in the studio when filming my artist dancing and singing to create a different atmosphere and reinforce harsher lighting for a dramatic effect.