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Planning Summary

In terms of my planning, the first initial task that I completed was my Resource Audit – this post I decided I would create a music video and focused on the key equipment/ potential equipment I would need to create a successful music video. This was a productive task as it allowed me to understand the uses of different equipment and how I could later use this to my advantage. The second task I then moved onto was Initial Ideas. I found this task rather useful as it gave me the chance to jot down all of my initial thoughts into one document, giving me a much clearer understanding of what I wanted to complete in regards to the brief – I focused specifically on the artist, song, colours, location and clothing. This enabled me a much clearer envision of how I wanted my product to unfold.

Once I had finished outlining my primary decisions, it was then time to start making some decisions about the song I wanted to use for my video, the general ideas of what would be going on in the footage and putting my ideas out there so I would have something to refer back to in the future. The tasks I completed in order to start my ‘creation’ were:

For this part of the course a lot of different elements needed to be taken into account, such as the fact I did not have experience in using the equipment to film as I had never really had to do so. Below is a list of the different tasks I have completed in order to exemplify that I have gained all of the correct permission and ‘instructions’ for the format of my music video in order for my actors to know exactly where they needed to be and at what times (key planning):

Lastly, within my brief for my final products I have been asked to create a magazine advert for my music video/artists album and a digipak. In order to be able to complete this task to the best of my ability I had to plan to allow me to have a better envision of how I wanted these to look – in doing so I created completed these tasks:

Overall, to conclude, completing all of these planning tasks has been incredibly useful in allowing me to progress with regards to development my own ideas for my music video.


Auditions/ Test Shots

I aimed to become comfortable with the functions of the video setting before I began to film for my actual music video, so this would make the duration of filming far quicker. Here I have composed a series of shots of different things, such as scenery and the main protagonist who will feature in my music video. The footage is shaky as it was only for testing – I consequently learnt from this how to prevent footage shaking.