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Digipak Draft


Here is my first draft of my digipak, there are things I wish to change about this and would like to edit the images on phtotoshop to make them more prominent and potentially change some images. I am however happy with this as my first draft.

Audience Feedback


This is my audience feedback on my first music video draft. This was carried out by an A2 media student, Aimee Smith. She watched my video and focused on what went well and what I could possibly improve on. I will take this into consideration as I develop my music video. The feedback allowed me to see what I need to improve on from an objective perspective as it can be difficult to do this to my own product.

First Draft

This is the first draft of my music video. A few of my shots are out of focus so consequently  I will have to re-film these shots or fill them with other shots. I am also aware I need to add variety to my music video with shots outside the black box room and will be filming in London, Camden and open spaced areas. The ending to my music video also cuts out so I will have to add a longer shot once filmed.