Research Summary

I have now completed all of the research posts essential in allowing my blog to be complete. I have managed to tackle all posts and all have been very productive in my research and I have evidently developed a much better understanding of the products I wish to create.

A key element I found interesting was the analysis of past student’s music videos. Looking at actual music videos that previous students have created themselves helped me develop a much better understanding of how to enable myself to achieve the highest marks possible – it also meant I was able to learn from the mistakes and praises of previous students allowing me to attempt to make my own music video look as professional as possible. Looking at the final versions of these students music videos allowed me to see the variety of genres, ideas and styles that I could later incorporate in my own products. I focused on completing tasks such as:

I think that out of all of the research posts that I’ve managed to complete, I found the analysis of digipaks the most useful. This is personally because I was unaware of the codes and conventions of typical digipaks – I had not seen many prior to research and was unaware of the purpose or what content to include. After researching I now believe I have a much better understanding and hopefully should be able to produce a successful product myself.  For example looking at the different genres with regards to digipaks and how these varied allowed me to develop a better understanding. I also completed the following tasks:

It wasn’t just the analysis posts that I found helpful, I think that completing such variety of different posts has enabled me to see more of what I need to include and do in order to create a successful music video.

To conclude, I believe that completing all of these research tasks has allowed me to gain a much wider perspective of what I need to do for my final products – more specifically what I intend to include in my own.


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