The first video to inspire me with regards to my own music video was Birdy’s ‘Skinny Love’. As it is the same artist I will be using it is apparent the genre is suited to the genre of my music video and consequently the mise-en-scene and settings appeal to me with regards of how I wish to present my music video. There are also many close ups and both a narrative and performance aspect within the music video that I wish to include in mine. The colour grading of the video is quite cold for effect – this is an effect I may consider using in my music video.

With regards to the performance aspect of my music video James Bay’s ‘Hold Back The River’ has elements of which I intend to include in my music video. The use of the black surroundings and one light is the mise-en-scene I wish to recreate in the black box studio for the performance shots of my music video. The characters emotion is portrayed through a variety of shots including close ups, mid shots and long shots and I believe this is an effective technique for performance.

The key aspect I enjoy through the music video is that the use of natural, and reasonably unstructured footage. The director when filming stated to the artist and those featuring in the music video that there was ‘no specific direction’ – so he was able to gather a lot of natural footage. This is definitely an aspect which I’m hoping to achieve during the production of my own music video. I appreciate the element of informality and how natural and relaxed the main protagonist is as I believe this is the most effective way of filming. I enjoy this music video and the genre and song itself are reasonably similar to the pace and slower genre/music video I wish to create, consequently giving me inspiration for doing so.

I believe demonstrating freedom and reality are portrayed extremely effectively and the music video I believe is extremely successful in itself. I’m hope to create a music video similar to this specific type. Focusing on the element of freedom and happiness, with a natural and realistic theme. Looking at this music video has really helped me to gain a clearer and more vivid perspective of what I want my own music video to be like and how I intend for this to appeal to the target audience – making it relatable to them.

As shown throughout music video – it is apparent that the protagonist portrays a strong variety of emotions i.e. happiness, sadness and lust.  I intend to include this element within my music video with regards to different emotions. I also appreciate the reality of the music video with an impacting message that I wish to portray in mine.


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