Production Diary #8

I have posted ‘Treatment’ on my blog. This states my intentions when creating my music video, my target audience and reasoning behind this, my narrative within my music video, along with my digipak and advert.

This is the first post I have created that includes a clear structure for my narrative that I intend to follow. I intend to progress further on the narrative on my music video and maybe include different aspects also.



The intentions when making my video, advert and digipak are to create a coherent style and tone so the audience can recognise that the products are all related. The song I have chosen is ‘Shelter’ by Birdy and it is quite an impacting and dramatic song that gradually builds – I would classify this song/artist as being part of the indie folk genre. Consequently, I knew the rough style of my products based on the music and overall look of the Birdy as an artist. The protagonist will be an innocent female that I can base a story line around. The narrative is simply a girl travelling and feeling freedom on her literal and emotional journey.

I am aware that when making my digipak and advert it will be tempting to make them a reflection of my video, rather than Birdy’s Album ‘Birdy’ – this is actually what the two products are for. Consequently, I intend to take aspects from my video that will allow a key theme throughout all three products, however I wish to ensure that each one is unique yet still related. My video will include black and white shots aswell as colour allowing variation within my music video. However, to section my digipak and advert from the video I do not plan on making them black and white with colour, but instead taking related images in colour and adding filters and colours to give each image a slight dark undertone to link the products together. The reason for the dark undertone is related to the colour theme of the music video, and the strong use of colour and visuals reinforces how I will tie them all together.

The video will have a light narrative to hold it together and give it meaning – I also plan to manipulate time by having time lapses and slowing footage down. Variety is key to show both skill as well as making the video look professional and interesting. The video will hopefully mirror the emotional and dramatic tone of the song – to do this I will include variation within my shots including many close ups and long shots as well as strong visual images, including Andrew Goodwin’s theory that the visuals will match the lyrics or sounds. The aspect of freedom in the video is what prompts the protagonist to go on her journey – there are many reasons to her feeling this way that I intend to include. The use of location is highly important, as she will be shot in many different locations such as London and Camden-  surrounded by the business and the amount of people, and Rickmansworth Aquadrome – a calm and peaceful surrounding, these different locations will emphasise that despite her location she will always feel a sense of freedom. The peaceful, underpopulated open fields will heavily juxtapose London and Camden to give the protagonist the freedom she so craves.

The target audience will most likely be young teens and older as well as fans of the indie/folk genre as they will understand the narrative more. It is vital to appeal to the audience, so I think having a relatable video is good way of incising someone to find out more. The advert will probably be a photo taken in an open space of the character in the video, whilst the digipak will contain more images of open space and busy lights to allow them to both be related but also distant from the video. I will make sure that the colours suggest the tone of the album ‘If You Leave’, therefore, I do not intend on using bright vibrant colours, but instead quite autumnal and deep colours.

Production Diary #7

Today I have focused on completing my proposal. Doing this has enabled a clear understanding of what I wish to produce for my music video.

I have reasoning behind this in detail and is generally what I wish to produce, however it is apparent to me that I may face changes along the way throughout my journey that consequently may lead to a different outcome.