Music Video Styles

There are three potential styles that I am able to base my music video around; Performance, Narrative and Conceptual.

Performance –  Focuses on the fact that you need a performer to ‘star’ in your music video, whether to act out a story-line that goes with the music or to mouth along to the words of the song. The majority of performance music videos do feature the artist of band who sings the song but a contradicting example of this is Sia – Chandelier as this is performance but doesn’t feature the artist herself. However this could also be argued as conceptual as well. I believe this is a relevant concept that I intent to include in my music video.

Narrative – Tells a story through the music video, it has to go somewhere and makes sense in order to work. A key example of this is Wilkinson’s ‘Afterglow’. It is apparent, that style of performance usually goes hand in hand with a narrative style. In the vast majority of music videos, narrative is present – telling a story to engage the audience that is suited to the genre and lyrics of the song. I also consider this a relevant concept that I believe would be effective throughout my music video.

Conceptual – Considered as far more ‘random’ than the other two styles of music video as a lot of the time it doesn’t have to make sense or even go anywhere. It’s very possible that a music video can be a combination of any of the three styles of music video, for example ‘Just’ by Radiohead is a combination of all three and ‘No Doubt’ It’s my life is a mixture of narrative and performance.

After analysing the three concepts I believe that performance and narrative typically go hand-in-hand with one another and consequently I believe this would be an effective technique to use in my music video. I intend to focus the performance shots in the black box room and the narrative elsewhere – more open to interpretation.


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