Analysis of Student’s Advert

Ellie Zambakides – Daughter, If You Leave, Youth


I chose to analyse her blog as I believed her music video and blog are both very successful. Both have a distinct style that I had not previously seen done with such success. The layout of the advert is well structured along with the image and colours used. I believe it is very successful and fits perfectly with the genre and music video itself.

The advert is very effective as all of the most important detail is visible and easy to see and read. The album title is also centre to the advert at the top of the page, making it clear exactly what the page is advertising. Furthermore, the use of colour in the advert adds to its success. The use of white font against a dark background allows a more professional look to the page, the poster includes lots of colour in the background that it otherwise would be lacking, the contrast between the font and background reinforces the professionalism. Moreover, the artists name is in large letters, again the clever use of this adds to the advert and makes it further appeal to the target audience. The continuity of the font allows a clear theme to the poster and reinforces the professional look, allowing it to work very well. In addition, the stars/ratings from other magazines about the album is very well positioned and again and draws attention to the ratings but as it is not too big it does not remove the attention from the main title of the poster. The social media links at the bottom are extremely useful as social media is so widely used in today’s society.

In addition, the background picture is what drew me to look at the advert, I believe it is unusual and mysterious, working well with the theme and ties in very effectively with the music video as the prop is an essential part to this. The colours have been adapted which is very successful and the image has been created very well, allowing the whole advert to appeal to the target audience.


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