Analysis of Previous Students Digipack

Fearghal McGlinchey – Chaos and The Calm, James Bay, Scars


Fearghal’s digipack stood out to me as it us unique and compact with detail, making it effective and suited to the music video he also created. The colour scheme of darker colours and no vibrant colours also ties in with the genre of the music video.

Firstly, the disk is very complex, with much detail, showing skill and intriguing the target audience. It has a dark background with the attention on the white text as it tells the reader the artist and the name of the album. I think this is a good CD cover as it fine details allow it to be on very appropriate for the style. Furthermore, the inside cover with the thank you message is a nice feature to have as the style fits with the whole digipak and the text used is a black and white which again I think works well with the theme, the thank you note is structured well and allows a more effective digipack.

The back cover, in contrast to the rest of the digipack is very simplistic but it has the album title and ‘track list’ including the barcode, media links etc. It conforms to the general conventions that you would see on the back of a cd cover. The white writing stands out against the dark background and is slightly faded giving a clear theme and effectively catching the readers eye.

The front cover of the CD case has a black and white image on the front, the artist is not making eye contact and instead looking to the side, this allowing an effective front cover due to a successful image. The title of the album is in big bold letters, which really stands out especially against the black, the artists name being slightly smaller in the left hand corner, still clearly drawing attention to artists name. Lastly the spin of the CD case has plain and simple image with a repeat of what is on the front cover, allowing the whoke digipack to look very professional.

Overall, I think I have learnt from Fearghal’s digipack as I now know that the finer details allow for a succesful digipack. The pictures are of a good standard and the colour scheme is fitting to the style of the music and video, which is essential, as the digipak needs to represent the album as a whole.  I will take away from his work these key attributes and incorporate them into my own.


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